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What is BounceBack®?
What is BounceBack®?
It’s common to feel low, stressed out, worried, depressed, irritable, angry or nothing at all. With the right tools and practice, you can reclaim your mental health. You have the power to make positive changes, and we are here to help.
Bounceback Coaching

BounceBack® Coaching

If you like having someone to motivate you and encourage you to reflect, the BounceBack® coaching program may be right for you. A trained coach will help you learn skills to improve your mental health in up to six telephone sessions over three to six months. Your coach will help keep you on track and offer support as you work through the program materials. You design your own program by selecting materials from 20 different modules or 9 specially designed workbooks for youth. Coaching and workbooks are available in English and French.
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Bounceback Coaching

BounceBack® Today Videos

If you’re not quite ready for the BounceBack® Coaching, or are waiting for your coaching sessions to begin, check out our series of online videos. The videos will provide you with practical tips on managing your mood, sleeping better, building confidence, increasing activity, problem solving and healthy living. Use this access code to register: bbtodaynat

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The effectiveness of the coaching program

Since being launched across BC in 2008, BounceBack® has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by 50% at program completion. Research studies have found BounceBack® to be clinically effective. Over 90% of participants in the BC program said they would recommend it to a friend or family member, and 88% said BounceBack® helped them make positive changes in their lives.

Read more about the clinical effectiveness of the BounceBack® BC program in the BC Medical Journal (Vol. 61, No, 1, Jan Feb 2019) here.

Your primary care provider

You can refer yourself to BounceBack® if you are already connected to a primary care provider (including a physician or nurse practitioner) or a psychiatrist. The BounceBack® team will connect with your care provider and continue to loop them in when needed. You do not need a primary care provider to access the BounceBack® Today videos.

More information about the role of the care provider can be downloaded here.

A glance at the materials

Adults can choose from among 20 workbooks or 12 short-format booklets. There are also 9 specially designed workbooks for youth. The workbooks are adaptable and flexible to meet your specific needs.


What people are saying about BounceBack®

BounceBack® gave me the tools to grow, interact with other people, and gave me the confidence to address my own issues.
- participant, 18 years old
I am very pleased with BounceBack®. Especially since I gave up my driver’s licence, I found the phone coaching very worthwhile. I am looking forward to being able to maintain the recent progress I have experienced.
- participant, 87 years old
The program was very informative and beneficial in improving mental health, self-confidence and my ability to notice challenges and to make a plan to overcome them through helpful strategies.
- participant, 30 years old
This program was a life saver for me. The workbooks are clear, concise and very easy to put into practice. My coach was great and helped me follow through with the course.
- participant, 65 years old
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